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The Libra Woman

Libran women do not play games when they fall in love. They are scrupulously impartial and sometimes painfully honest. Her rationality and cool logic often mean that hot-tempered arguments peter out into quiet talks and meek retractions instead. She oscillates between independent and subservient, depending on what is deemed correct at the time. Librans want a partner who can provide them with advice and support, and they seek a matched relationship that is harmonious and steady.

Her most compatible partners are the Aquarius and Gemini signs. The ability to weight out options and possibilities can often cause indecision in Libran women. Your Libra friend may leave you frustrated when she cannot choose between what movies to watch, but take heart; her vacillation is on your behalf. Libras make excellent friends, and will take into account your taste, preferences, needs, and wants as if they were her own.

Librans love company, and will surround themselves with friends and family. They are usually found chumming about with Leo and Sagittarius.

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An intellectual like her other Air sisters, the Libra woman treats sex as a mental exercise. This translates into a desire to please and Librans love seduction and foreplay, with plenty of sexy pillow talking leading the way into the main event. A gifted and attractive bedroom partner, a Libran woman appreciates the same treatment that she is dishing out, and will work towards achieving physical perfection in the bedroom with her lucky lover.

Blessed with superb taste and a critical eye, a Libra woman never finds herself in a fashion crisis, even if she does take awhile to choose which outfit best suits. She has chic tastes but will dare to be different by dressing up a classical look with an unexpected accessory. A perfectionist, Libran women are always pulled together, not a stray hair out of place, the entire outfit balanced and subtle.

Makeup is usually light and natural, with colors matched and coordinated. Grace and charm are the birthright of the Libra woman.

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This sign is ruled by lovely Venus, and her Libran daughters personify everything that is feminine. The Libra woman has an inborn instinct to know how to dress for each occasion, and how to present herself at her best no matter where she is. The Libran woman tends to find her own style, rather than slavishly follow fashion.

She knows that fashion should not overpower or obliterate the person. So she will always have something unique about her, even if she is wearing the same clothes as everyone else. She wants something that make her look good now, for the occasion or work she is engaged in, something that fits her lifestyle and her mood. This can be casual jeans and halter top, or it can be a ball gown. The Libra woman never looks out of place. She enjoys shopping, especially with friends. Shopping is a social occasion, which includes stopping at favorite coffee shops and getting to know the assistants at her favorite stores.

They are not just faceless people to the Libra woman, She enjoys getting to know people, and finding common interests. While many of her relationships may seem trivial or fleeting, all of them are important to her, part of her groove. The Libran woman loves well-fitting jeans and pretty tops, and she shops hard for appropriate clothes for work and play.

She looks just as stunning casually dressed as she does dressed up for a night on the town. The Libran woman tends to prefer her hair long, with lots of layering and highlights. Her fresh complexion is often her best asset and she likes to play this up with a light hand in makeup. She loves light, glossy make-up, and fruity flavored lip gloss is one of her obsessions.

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She may have every flavor on the market. Fragrance is one of the most important beauty aids to the Libra woman.

Unique Personality Traits of the Zodiac Sign Libra

She loves to smell good, and chooses cosmetics for their fragrance as well as their usefulness. She is obsessive about her teeth, probably wore braces and now loves to smile and laugh and show off her straight teeth. She may have several different brushes and toothpaste, as well as mouthwash, dental floss, and tooth whitener. Thank you for reading! Hello everyone, it's me again. This is my last article about spirituality.

The Sun in the Signs: Astrology/Zodiac

In this last chapter I would like to talk about tarot card reading. Hey guys, this is my first time writing an article. And first I will introduce myself. I live in the Netherla I am so undeserving, yet you still love me. I am so imperfect: gullible. Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite gems. I want to tell you about its name, its effect and why it is one of my It's not us that's bigger than our problems, its the God in us that strengthens our weakness and conquers our problems.

Who is our God tough? So, where to begin? I had this question last year, and it came back to my attention this year. The question was, "How can you not cry? Hai babes! Hope you're all slayin life wherever you may be. I don't know about you but something that ya'll probs didn't know is that I am just Today I want to introduce you to another of my favorite gems.

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